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Paduva Home for the Aged

India’s elderly population has risen from nearly two crore in 1951 to 7.2 crore in 2001. About eight percent of the population is over 60 and by 2025 that figure will cross 18 percent. Life expectancy has risen from merely 29 years in 1947 to 63 years now. There are too few old age homes and day-care centers. Legislation for ensuring compulsory geriatric care in public hospitals is still awaited. This is the scenario of the poor old people. It is both incomprehensible and pitiable to see the plight of the aged people.

The Tamil Adage says, “Family ostracizes and the Forest welcomes”. This is most fitting in the case of the Aged. It is diabolical and gruesome on the part of the children to chase their own parents into the streets. It is the height of ungratefulness. Otherwise there are also cases occasioned by destitutions. There would be no one to take care. Against this sorry state of reality, the diocese of Palayamkottai’s Silver Jubilee celebration began in Puliampatti reflecting on the dignity of the aged on 9.9.1997. In Memory of this event the late Bishop, the Most Rev. Iruthayaraj D.D., D.C.L. laid the foundation stone for the present Padua Home for the aged.

On the saintly day of 13, June, 1999, Bishop Iruthayaraj blessed the home for the aged and dedicated to the welfare of the neglected aged. Mr. Malik Ferozkan, the then District Magistrate of Thoothukudi opened the home. The provincial of the Charles Borromeo, Rev. Sr. Ignatius lit the handle and prayed. One more mile stone reached in the Shrine’s ongoing venture in Social Mission. Now the sisters of the Charles Borromeo run the home with care and love. To their care and guidance the girl students of St. Anthony’s home for children are also entrusted. As of now, there are 22 aged women and four aged men are living their peaceful life. They now feel that old age is not to be shunned and frowned upon but to accept and enjoy. With the weekly mass for them on every Saturday and frequent participation in all the liturgical celebrations at the shrine, they are made to find meaning in their life. They are taught to forgive and accept the wrongs done to them apparently by their own kids.

It is noteworthy that the entire expenses are met by the offerings to St. Anthony, the pilgrims make. Also the voluntary gift and donation by the good hearted devotees of St. Anthony come to make a great aid. It you are a devotee of St. Anthony please make flourish the charity done in honour of St. Anthony.

Procedure and Conditions :

  • The person must be aged. In case of serious concerns those not aged too will be admitted but after strict enquiry on the nature of seriousness and disability.
  • The actual children must accompany them and take responsibility in case of emergency.
  • No money is expected from the part of the Shrine.
  • The person must take a letter of introduction and recommendation from the concerned Parish Priest.
  • After getting the duly filled-in applications from the Aged Person, He/She is admitted in the Padua Home for the Aged.